JB, a caucasian male with a short gingery blonde beard looks at the camera with a quizzical expression on his face.  He is wearing a grey cap, earmuffs and glasses, and is holding a red pencil to his mouth.


JB has always been a tinkerer and a problem solver and found his creative outlet in woodworking.  He's an ideas man who thrives on trying new things and learning new skills and techniques.  Especially if that means new tools!  JB is also the technology mastermind, and does all of the CAD design work behind our designs.  The workshop is his happy place, and our products often start out as 'JB experiments' to make our own gaming table and home that little bit more awesome.

Ange, a caucasian woman, is standing in the workshop smiling at the camera.  Her face is crisply in focus, but the rest of the image is lighlty blurred. She is wearing glasses and grey overalls over a teal t-shirt with white clouds on.  She is holding a small wooden box.


Ange is a maker at heart and is equally at home in the workshop as the sewing room.  She has been sewing since she was tall enough to reach the pedal, and has been woodworking for about 10 years, getting started by making her own furniture.  Our design processes are very collaborative and Ange is good at coming up with options to solve specific design problems.  No matter what she is making, Ange likes to focus on the small details that make an object truly special. 

Two tan coloured dogs lie next to each other in front of a lit fire.  A ray of sunshine falls across them.  The dog on the left has her head up and is looking to the right, the dog on the right is curled up asleep.


These two cuties enjoy spending time down in the workshop with us - through a very narrow lens you could almost call it supervising. It's entirely possible they're only in it for the very chewable offcuts, but who can really say?


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