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About Our Packaging

Now that our online store is open, it’s a good time to talk a little bit about our packaging choices.  As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we commit to making the best possible choices for our environment.  And packaging can have a big impact – bad packaging choices can end up sitting around in our landfills or in our oceans for a long long time....

May 8, 2022

Our Leather Choices Explained

Sustainability is really important to us at Mamaku Workshop, and we aim to make ethical decisions that leave the planet in better shape than before.  Some of the aspects of sustainability we consider when looking at products we use include: The environmental and ethical cost of the raw materials The environmental and ethical costs of productionThe environmental costs of transportation to get that product to usThe lifecycle of that material – ie is it recyclable and/or biodegradeable? Ther...

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